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Improve your Game


How to prepare yourself for success on the court

Beach Volleyball Passing

A major reason Stein had one of the highest hitting percentages on ...

The Pokie

“The Pokie ” – This is a shot Stein made famous while ...

Beach Volleyball Setting

Beach Volleyball Setting was something Stein struggled with when he first started ...

What the Volleyball World Says About Working with Stein

Stein Metzger is an outstanding teacher and coach who truly enjoys helping others succeed. Stein was a great player at UCLA; keenly competitive, he brought both excellence and humor to every practice. His leadership and ability to make his teammates better was like having another coach on the floor!

– Al Scates, Legendary Coach for UCLA, 19 NCAA Championships

Stein Metzger has been a winner at every level of his volleyball career.  He is a student of the game whose volleyball IQ has been the determining factor in his success.  It’s exciting to see his talents benefit others.

– Mike Sealy, 2011 NCAA Champion (UCLA Women’s Head Coach),  ’06 NCAA Champion (UCLA Men’s Coach), 1993 NCAA Championship and MVP (UCLA Player).

I played together with Stein at UCLA for 3 years and consider him a true friend. On the court at UCLA, and during his professional career, he demonstrated an uncanny ability to control the game and figure out how to win.  As a coach, his analytical nature and capacity to articulate key technical aspects accelerate his athlete’s learning curve.

– John Speraw, 2008 Olympic Gold (USA Men’s Coach), 3-time NCAA Champion (UCI Men’s Head Coach), 2-time NCAA Champion Player and 1995 NCAA All-Tournament Team (UCLA player)

Stein Metzger is a great coach.  He is passionate about teaching, organized and works hard every day.  Stein is not only proactive about educating his athletes but strives to get better each day as a coach.  To me, those are the most important qualities!  His enthusiasm and love for what he does is contagious. I hope to have Stein as my coach for as long as possible.

– Casey Jennings, 8 time AVP/FIVB winner, 2003 AVP Best Defensive Player, ’02 & ’03 AVP Most Improved

Stein Metzger is a natural leader and coach.  He has been successful as a player at every level of the game and is now sharing the methods that helped him achieve his success.  He’s not doing it through old war stories but through positive key words that trigger an athlete to make the appropriate mental and physical adjustments.  Stein’s breadth of knowledge is indeed impressive, but what makes him an exemplary coach is his ability to communicate with unique personalities in a way that is both motivating and effective.

– John Mayer, AVP Champion, 2009 AVP Most Improved, 2005 NCAA Champion, and Head Coach at Santa Monica College

Stein is an awesome coach. By drawing upon his extraordinary playing career, he is able to quickly assess the areas where a player can improve and succinctly set forth what steps are needed to make the progress. Every practice with Stein has greatly helped my game.

– Bill Strickland, ’07 AVP Rookie of the year, ’03 Most Inspirational Player at Stanford University

Stein’s knowledge of the game and ability to present in easily digestible lessons are a huge asset to our volleyball camps in Hawaii.  It’s a pleasure to work along side him and I only wish he was available to coach me during my professional career.”  -Tanya Futamatu-Anderson, Beach Volleyball Director for “Extreme Fitness Club”, 7 year AVP professional, ’93 NAIA MVP, ’94 & ’95 Pac West MVP, ’95 1st Team AVCA All-American